We provide the following services to the students:

  Selection of proper university and desired subjects:

We provide all the relevant information about different universities, their available programs and cost. A student can choose desirable subject to study based on his/her interest, financial ability, and academic qualifications.


We provide information about available scholarships, discuss the technical issues and documents to apply for scholarships and give our best effrots to avail the scholarships for the students.

  Tuition Fee Waiver:

We provide information about tuition fee waiver opportunities of the university, discuss the technical issues and documents to apply for tuition fee waiver and give our best effrots for tuition fee waiver of the students.

  Immigration Issues and Visa Approval:

We, in association with the host university, apply for immigration approval from the host country, collect the VISA documents and help the students to obtain VISA from the embassy of that country in Bangladesh.

  Admission Process:

We are responsible for the successful admission of the students to their desired programs.

  Flight booking and travelling:

We assist the students for booking air ticket if they need help for that otherwise students can manage their own ticket by themselves. We brief about immigration and travelling related information to the students.

  Supports in abroad:

We not only help students in Bangladesh but also extend our assistance in abroad. We assist the students to find out a suitable accommodation, provide information about the living, social, cultural and job information available in that country including part-time job opportunities.