About Us

    Education Support International (ESI) was established in Ferbuary 2015 to help Bangladeshi students intend to go abroad for higher education in different universities and educational institutes. Although Bangladeshi students are willing to study overseas, many of them do not know about the information of the courses and study subjects, admission requirements, proper application and documentation for admission and immigration process. Education Support International is a reliable one stop solution center for the students who have a dream for higher study on their desirable subjects in different universities in Malaysia, Japan, Australia, China, Korea, Newzealand, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Europe, and other countries of the world.

    We provide all kinds of supports to the students in the selection of proper university, proper subject, successful admission, visa documents and approval. We also extend our assistance in abroad by helping the students for accommodation near the university area, part-time jobs, and other sorts of help that may be needed for the students.